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Tekkit Server?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by yoshi_freak, Oct 2, 2012.


Do you want a Crafthub Tekkit Server?

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Tekkit Server?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by yoshi_freak, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. yoshi_freak

    yoshi_freak New Member

    First of all, let me start off by saying that I enjoy Crafthub as it is. Vanilla Minecraft is extremely fun, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its fun to explore different mods. If you do make a Tekkit server, i have some suggestions.

    1) No griefing. Tekkit adds nukes and such, but you have to use a ton of resources on your machines, and griefing would ruin the fun, at least for me.

    2) Possibly no banned items? (except nukes and similar items if you agree with number one) I've heard of servers that ban the use of items like Swiftwolf's Rending Gale, and other similar items. For me, getting the best of the best items is all the fun. Getting the materials, crafting amazing items, and testing them out is my favorite part for sure.

    3) Same rules as normal Crafthub in addition to these rules, because two rules is not enough. =P

    Thanks for listening to my suggestions, and I hope you will agree with me! I'm gonna post a poll just so I can see how many people support my idea. =D
  2. Jonathan24er

    Jonathan24er Member

  3. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    The biggest problem with having a dedicated Tekkit server, is that we just don't have the server resources to run both our survival RPG server, and a Tekkit server. Otherwise, I would love to have a public tekkit server.
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  4. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    The question is if it's worth it, is there enough player interest in it at the moment. And also does any one have experience in configuring a tekkit server? We had one before that was for donators only, problem was that we didn't feel that it was well executed at the time, it lacked updates. the mods where getting old and didn't have the features we wanted.
  5. well im sure if there would be a tekkit server they would have to have a protection plugin cause thier is no way you would be able to stop ppl from not griefing via destruction catalyst, nukes, upped tnt, EE rings, thaumcraft, Anchors.

    They would have to bann certain items, they would probably ban EE all together. and for those other serves banning swiftwolf ring, im sure its because they dont want anyone flying around.

    but all in all i wouldnt mind a tekkit server, And as far as EE goes its only overpowered if ppl make energy flowers. with those you can easily just idle while it makes diamonds from air. which i find sad since thats not anything near Equivilent exchange. cause as we all know equivilent exchange means to give up a item of equal or greater emc for another item of same EMC that was given.
  6. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, we would probably disable EE
  7. btw any news on this? or is it a no go for sure?
  8. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    We are considering it, we are also exploring options to run out own pack since we are not happy whit tekkit.
    It's still on 1.2.5 while all the mods have updated to the latest minecraft.

    They are rude when people ask them about a possible eta, it's a bannable offence on the forum for even asking what is coming in the next update.

    So yea... It's under working. We have a few stuff to sort out before this tough, so it will be some time still.
  9. this is sweet :D and i completely understand about making your own pack not only cause they are almost 2 updates behind but because it will be easier for you to config and all knowing what mods there are and not having to worry about all those extras you dont want on server.

    ill be happy with industrial craft, buildcraft, redpower, and maybe forestry :D oh i guess iron chest (where you can get all the cool chest upgrades iron-crystal) plus all the submods that go with it like more pipes and ect :D
  10. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    I like computer craft. Is that a thing?
  11. computercraft as far as i know is a real plugin.
  12. Doom6197

    Doom6197 Administrator Staff Member

    No! Please stay on topic or you will be reported. Ps
    They just added printers , w00t!
  13. PyrotechnicPhil

    PyrotechnicPhil New Member

    I think it would be a great idea, and an opportunity for crafthub to extend its popularity and get the server more known like past maps. Also while disbabling EE does that include the energy condenser, because that is one of the most important items from tekkit if you ask me.
  14. PyrotechnicPhil

    PyrotechnicPhil New Member

    Honestly noob I don't think some people would go to the trouble of installing new mods, and I would suspect there would be many problems and issues with the combination of newly partenered mods.
  15. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    We did it before actually but never released it. And if we really want to we can do it like the tekkit server guys do it. whit a launcher. But we shall se.
  16. PyrotechnicPhil

    PyrotechnicPhil New Member

    That would be cool what mods would you include? There is a recently developed skyrim mod but I don't know how well that would partener with other mods.
  17. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    It would probably be some thing close to tekkit, but more up to date.
  18. making your own launcher would be cool, cause i really dont wanna have to download abunch of mods myself lol
  19. DonutS

    DonutS New Member

    This would be a good idea, also it would get you a BUNCH of more players i guarantee you that... You should keep EE but disable the OP stuff and keep the regular things like the energy condenser and things like that.... This would be a great idea;)
  20. PyrotechnicPhil

    PyrotechnicPhil New Member

    So any news on this guys?? Sorry for asking :p

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