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Server and Rules Enforcement

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jun 16, 2013.

Server and Rules Enforcement

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Hubworlders, mechanicaljack here.

    Within recent months, the ban request forums have seen less use. I bring this up because we still get regular reports of rules infractions. This is an issue because just telling us is great, but we cannot ban someone on a players word. If we do not witness the rules being broken, cannot prove it through plugins and/or do not have pictures or video proof, there is nothing to be done.

    The ban request forums are private, in that the only people who can see that your ban request even exists are you, and staff members. Staff members will never tell a player that you have placed a request for their ban. We may approach that player if there are questions about the situation that we feel can benefit from more information, but we will not reveal your name or that there is a ban request in existence.

    Staff has a lot of oversight into what goes on on the server, but we aren't omnipresent (the ability to be everywhere at once) or omniscient (the ability to see/hear/experience everything at once.) We rely on you guys to alert us when something fishy is going on to some extent. Currently, the mod request plugin is broken, but hopefully soon that will be fixed too. Even when we have that back, there is no substitute for pictures and video when we can't witness the infraction firsthand, so we really appreciate it when you guys use the tools we make available to you.

    That said, there is one other issue, and that is players taking enforcement into their own hands. The fact that you are so involved in the server that you want to enforce the rules is great. We love it that people love the server enough to want to be that involved. However, if you break a rule in order to keep someone else from breaking a rule, you've still broken a rule and that's not ok. Overall, it's preferable that you warn the person that they are breaking a rule if you think they aren't aware, and/or quietly report them on the forums or to an admin who is online if they aren't aware. Loudly proclaiming 'LOL IMMA GET U BANNED' will only aggravate the situation, make you a target for a rulebreaker and solve very little. Yes, they will still be playing until they get banned, but that will happen whether or not you choose to troll them. It's best to leave the rules enforcement to the people with the power to enforce the rules efficiently.

    There's no rule against simply trolling a rulebreaker, and staff won't ban you for it, but I am pointing out that you might be giving yourself more problems than you anticipate.

    You guys are (on the whole) pretty great, and we appreciate you choosing Crafthub to play on and support.

    mechjack out.

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