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Residence for all?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jeremy58589721, Sep 20, 2012.


Give everyone a small 16x16 res and donators still get the usual 4 32x32 plots

  1. Yes

  2. No


Residence for all?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jeremy58589721, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Cast your vote here, if you think this should happen or not. also feel free to comment your view on this below :D
  2. Tonoshi

    Staff Member

    I only disagree with everyone getting a free plot because a group of people could login and potentially use that free residence to grief someone. Also it could mean lots of tedious removal work for the mods / admins. If we keep the mods / admins happy, our lives as players will be alot happier.
  3. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    Not even taking Tonoshi's point into consideration (and it's a really good point,) if default users were to get a residence, I would go so far as to make it only one 8x8. As stated in the past, we're talking about a place to live and keep your stuff, not a monument. The griefing possibility is a serious concern though.
  4. well poo. i only said 16x16 cause thats a decent sized plot for a house. and i have no idea how one would grief with a residence, unless you mean they put up a res next to someones else res just to build something ugly? but i guess i can see your point about keeping the mods/admins happy. it would be a hassle maybe for them to remove the res's of those who only came on for 1 day and than never came back
  5. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    There are certainly ways to use a residence for no-good. While I would very much like to give everyone a small (8x8 sounds about right) area of safety, the work involved for staff is daunting. There is the griefing potential, as well as those one time players who never return. If we were going to give 'everyone' a residence, I would say the way to go is to make a rank along the lines of 'trusted' which comes with a small residence. Getting into the rank could involve a player of higher (donator and up?) recommending you or some other application process.

  6. i like that idea. ranking system. that way ppl can still get a res but have to earn it in other ways besides donating. tho donating would still be best since its a one time $5 for 4 32x32. but those who dont/cant put in even the $5 still have a chance of soloing it with a res :D
  7. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    I remember when I first came here, before I become a donator, a rank for being a good member of the community. I greatly appreciated that, and that gave me great reason to stick around (I wonder if that person regrets it now... :p ). I agree with Raemis and Jeremy, a small set of residences for those who have proved their trustworthness.​
  8. Joecool6789

    Joecool6789 Member

    You can still keep your base, but you just need to protect it.

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