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Pantzz - Suggestion wall of text, Feet and the Cobblestone Box Effect!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pantzz, Oct 16, 2013.

Pantzz - Suggestion wall of text, Feet and the Cobblestone Box Effect!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pantzz, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Pantzz

    Staff Member

    I was having a bit of a brain storm this evening while also thinking about what to do with my house and i thought of a few things that may or may not help attract people to the server, and maybe keep them there.

    Spawn - Of course everyone realises this is where people first join the server, get their first impressions and get their first look at how talented us Crafthubbians are. The portal to the exterior of spawn just about bypasses all the hard work done inside the spawn town - the cool little buildings, houses, train stations, towers etc and leads them straight outside. The train station itself is hidden underneath and doubtful some people even know it exists, and i know personally I havent even seen all of the little spawn fort ( i even noticed a little place with a clock on top of it today i hadnt seen and made a note to check out next time i was there). This is the kind of stuff that new people need to see, showing them there is some cool stuff going on, talented builders etc, and not immediately bypassed. I know some people just want to get out and punch some trees, but i think first impressions last :)

    Immediately Outside Spawn - I was very happy to see the outside of spawn was cleaned up a little while ago and the horrible cobblestone and/or spruce boxes, and random broken nether portals were removed and it looks like a landscape again. I think itd be cool again to have a certain area around spawn monitored for the dreaded cobblestone box builds and moving them along so as to encourage people to build move interesting structures both to show off the skills of those on the server, and NOT show off the bomb blast horribleness. I saw a video of another server a little while ago that had roads leaving spawn that people could build on, but that would require some kind of protection as griefers seem to even like robbing cobblestone :(

    The Town System Transport - I know after a few conversations with Atomic and Doom that the suggestion of a transport system between spawn and the various player founded towns is in the works, under construction or at least in the minds of those in the position to do something about it, but i thought id mention it anyway! The towns bring together a community feeling that building somewhere randomly in the wilderness does not. I really have enjoyed working on Megaton, popping up my lighthouse and having people see my work. When i started on the server i had no idea there were even towns, and ive only just recently seen the majority of them. I think it would be ideal for new players to be able to see the fact we do have community building areas, with communal farms etc to help get them started, meet people and establish themselves on Crafthub. The pressure plate teleport system we already have working inside spawn, and the hub with a plate for each town for people to check out would be ideal - why not even give the town leaders permissions to build a little gate type structure to house their warp plate in spawn. Even the /warp system used for the photograph or wedding would be cool, though having a sign on the wall saying "Type /warp Kitaki to visit our town" is a little less creative. I considered myself building roads to each towns portals through the nether, but then protection and griefing becomes an issue so i canned that completely.

    Economy - Again i know that there is stuff in the works with the economy system, and i have seen the shops outside spawn that are not functioning at the moment but i think this system is rather awesome and should be looked at repairing and reimplementing (im aware there was an item duplication bug with the last plugin). Getting these player stores up and running again would be great.

    Anyway thats just a few ideas i thought id put forward to you lovely staff of Crafthub. Id like to also mention that i really enjoy being on crafthub and enjoy every minute of chilling out and socialising, building and exploring, and generally being the idiot that i am! None of the above suggestions are having a go at how things are currently run, but merely suggestions as to what I personally think as a crafthub community member, would be instrumental in putting a good foot forward!

    Cheers for reading my massive wall of text! I hope its somewhat of a view from outside the box a bit :)

    Pantzz - Michael
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  2. noobidoo

    noobidoo Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing your view. We have been thinking in the same lines ourselves and the transport system is in the workings, Roads would not be a bad idea since we can protect them, we had that on one map actually.

    The economy is indeed something we need to work on sadly it's been set on the back burner due to a lot of other things that we have needed to sort out.
  3. Soullionx

    Soullionx New Member

    I was trying to help a new player out today, Before even ten minutes had passed he left and said simply "This server is boring" he hardly even left spawn of course that was the first thing he did do, It seemed that his biggest complaint was that he could not set /home, I also find it hard to get from one town to the other, Roads would be nice, At spawn there really is little to encourage someone to interact with the community or even to help them find someone to interact with, I wish there was a way to funnel them into a player built town and give them a reason to interact with other players perhaps out of necessity?

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