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"Hybrid Survival World" Comments and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Raemis, Sep 1, 2012.

"Hybrid Survival World" Comments and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Raemis, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Tonoshi

    Staff Member

    Are we able to modify the coding for McMMo? If we can, couldn't we modify the chimera wing ability to have 3 versions like spawn world, spawn pvp world, & spawn survival world? You could keep a component cost to prevent it from being spamable.

    The troubling part is that you might have to create protected spawn points in each realm so people can spawn safely.
  2. Hotclub

    Hotclub New Member

    Why would who have a secondary pvp world in the first place, as around almost the whole community wants a
    CH-oldschool survival map.
  3. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    The teamspeak and forum vocal community does, but others still like the other world. In addition, there are members of the community who like the idea of the other map. If it really sees little to no use, I'm sure it will become nonexistent. The bulk of lack of discussion, I chalk up to people wanting the map that is similar to the oldschool one, which we don't have yet. Me, personally, I'd like the other to be available. I see it as a permanent map setting like the Hungergames we used to hold before we started hosting HungerCraft.
  4. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    Well, would it be possible to increase the base residence size for donators (or supporters at least) to 64x64 or even the old school 128x128?
  5. on a side note have you ever thought of using interesting mods that give more game experience, factions only gives more pvp,, but maybe IC2, BC something along those lines?
  6. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    What are IC2 and BC? I are a noob sir.

    And possibly Pegasus.
  7. IC2 = Industrial Craft 2. BC= Build Craft

    dont worry jck im a newb at this too. ive never really played either of those but they look so interesting :D
  8. Hotclub

    Hotclub New Member

    IC2=IndustrialCraft and BC=BuildCraft (edit: was typing this while u posted answer at same time :p)
    In other words... a Tekkit server.

    It would be epic to have a tekkit server, but public tekkit servers OFTEN result in a complete disaster.
    -An immens amount of lagg, (better servers? -> P2P)
    -griefing disasters, bc and ic comes with some pretty big explosions
    -extreme landscape uglyness, thats the price for industry

    not worth it... , but I'd be cool :p
    maybe an idea for our active ONWT members to have a whitelisted tekkit server.

    just stick back with the prev survival map we had. That was the reason why CraftHub was different than most other servers. not good we lost alot of people because of this factions only thing.... ;(
  9. piggygirl1

    piggygirl1 New Member

    I know I am not really a part of this but I think the perm map should be something like the last map. Mods like
    Ic2 are very stunning and when I played them for me it did not create too much lag. But there is always risks.
    I personally don't care what the outcome of this new map is as long as it is still fun, friendly, creative, and amazing. I hope in the end the map is amazing.

    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 31, 2013 ---
    And I just noticed that this is about 2 maps ago... I:
  10. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    Part 1:
    I honestly would not mind a factions world, IF it were more sophisticated than what is normally seen from a factions mod or server. Something more than,
    1. Get members
    2. Make faction
    3. Claim land
    4. Try to not loose land and be blown to bits/raided like a flock of sheep trapped in a pen with a pack of ravenous wolves.
    5. If you survive the first 2-3 days, make allies, avoid enemies and trolls.
    6. Continue 1 3 and 4.

    If I'm gunna play in a factions world, I want something a bit better than make faction, don't die. Cause in a faction server, that's really all it boils down to, make the faction, and don't die. Yes you can build, yes you can destroy, and yes you can attack and be attacked. But I ask you, where is the balance in these servers? Because all it is is, first come, dominate all to come after. Those factions that were created and built first, last until destroyed by another. The factions made after, are quickly destroyed by the first few, and are no match for them. And, if you don't have good pvpers in your guild, and a lot of constantly active members, you ain't going anywhere.

    I'm no good as a pvper honestly. Though I admit I've hardly tried it, I've never been much for pvp in any game. Some games I can be good at it, but I usually just dun leik it. Smash bros is an exception. But despite lack of pvp ability, I have vision, strategy, organizational and directive skills. I can be a leader. Yah k so I wasn't so much a leader in my Sky Cities. But really I only had a few rules, and as long as residents didn't go against them, there wasn't much for me to do leadership wise. Players could ask for a space in my city, I would ask them where they would like it to be, set it up for them, and then let them build as they like. They may come and go, or perhaps just use their house to store their stuff in, maybe they never leave the city, and I certainly did my best to make that possible. But beyond fallowing a few simple rules I just let my residents play the game as they like. No telling this person to go find us sheep, or that person to go get us some pumpkins for seeds, I did my best to do that stuff myself, but excepted help when and where offered. I did try to help resolve issues residents had with each other, or other things. I did my best to take care of everything that needed taken care of for the city myself tho... and had a few builders to help me with expansions and big projects. I made my own small server even so we could get together there in a basic replica I made of SC2 so we could plan out our building and expansions. So I can lead, just with my Sky Cities it wasn't so much necessary.

    ("Why am I rambling on?" "I don't know!" "Well stop me now before it kills somebody!" "O-o I dun think it's quite THAT bad tho." "Well stop me anyways!")

    Anyways, I like some of the ideas of factions. A group of players getting together and working together. To help each other, protect each other; use our strengths to cover our weaknesses. I've always wanted to be able to gather up some resources, make a base, start a party and make it into a faction. Be the leader and build up our faction into something really cool. And maybe even battle it out against a few other factions. Make some allies, and there will always be enemies >.> . But, it just seems like things always get ended before they've even started for me any time I try to do this. What did I do wrong? I made a small base, gathered resources. Found some friends, and a bigger base, gathered a lot more resources, ventured out and found a place for a new, hopefully permanent base. Built the base transferred our resources there, had it protected, and the next dark our stuff is gone. So we spend the day regathering stuff, double checking to make sure everything is protected and covered, and the next day? The base is freakin gone! Blown to bits and all our stuff with it!

    So that is why there has got to be a way to better balance things out. A way to make things a little more fair. (Yes I know! some of you are going "hay! Things are plenty fair already! Everyone starts off the same, everyone has to gather and find people to make their faction. They gotta build up and fend off other guilds like everyone else!) Which in a sense, that is fairness. But really it's not the fair to get cut down before you can really get started or even have a chance to fight back. Even if everyone else has to deal with it to. So, I've been thinking of a new system for factions that would be a lot more fair and better balance things out.

    1. I think that when a guild is first formed, it should be in some kind of starting phase.
    Pvp at this stage is disabled. They cannot attack others or be attacked.
    This will only last a couple days, and the number of days will depend on the number of members at the time the faction is formed.
    If there are only 4 members at the time it is formed (a minimum number required for the forming of a faction I should think) it may last 5, maybe even 7 days. That of course depends on what staff thinks is fair. But if 4 members mean 7 days, then 6 members would be more like 5 days, and 8 or more would be like 3 days.

    1:2 after the starting phase they will be in a beginners phase. This just marks that it is a young new faction, and would last until they meet the requirements for the next phase.

    1:3 after beginners would be intermediate. This is when a certain amount of members and faction power is reached. This marks the faction as now being of deacent size and strength.

    1:4 finally there is Advanced. This is again after reaching a high amount of faction power, a large number of members (As decided by staff :p) and atleast a cirtain amount of land is claimed. This will mark the faction as being one of the big boys. Or girls. Large and powerful, a force to be reckoned with.
  11. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    Part 2:

    2. Faction fighting regulations. No more logging in to find everything gone.

    2:1 meaning you can't destroy a faction’s base when there are not enough of the faction’s members online.
    This does not mean you can use the base as a safe zone to fight other factions from inside the safety zone.

    2:2 land can still be claimed by the faction leader and officer, but there is a 15 block area around the claimed land that is also a no pvp zone. If the factions claimed land is set to be a pvp zone, then this area will be as well. The rule is, if they can't hurt you, you can't hurt them. And I don't just mean a server rule; players would be unable to hurt those outside the zone from the inside if pvp is off.

    2:3 if you wish to attack a factions base, and they have enough members online, then either the faction leader or officer must be online to accept a battle notice, that and/or all online members of the faction being attacked are notified and given and option to warp to the faction base.
    Tho I think I guild home would and/or should be available, and only settable within their factions claimed land.

    2:4 if a faction base is attacked and the attacking faction wins
    (as in either all online faction members are killed, or a certain amount of time goes by and no undefeated members of the attacked faction show up, (to avoid the possibility of having a member stay away from the fight to not be killed so the attacking faction can't win. since now if a member tries to stay away for this reason, the time will run out and) the attacking faction wins.)
    The attacking faction will be able to claim some of the defeated factions land. The amount will depend on the power level of the defeated faction before the defeat.

    2:4:2 if the defeated faction’s power level was high, only a small amount of their land can be taken. (thinking also that perhaps the land that can be taken should not be able to be taken from just any spot within the factions claimed land, but rather land near the borders of the factions claimed area or the square directly in the center of their land and then out from that point can be taken.)
    If the faction had low power before the battle, then a somewhat larger about of their land can be taken. (But still applying to the rule of taking land suggested with the land of a powerful faction)

    2:4:3 because of the possibility that this can also be quite unfair to newer factions, who would of course also have lower power and could not only have a large portion of their most likely small land taken, but be easily dominated by more powerful factions, it should be that when the battle notice is given to the guild leader / officer or guild members, they may choose not to fight if the attacking factions power level is a large amount higher than theirs.
    Or better yet, powerful factions are unable to attack small weak factions. But, factions of relatively the same power are of course able to attack and be attacked by one another.

    2:5 if a faction is attacked, and manages to beat the attacking faction, they may then claim some of the attacking factions land. This way there is a risk in attacking another faction’s base. This again, provides a balance and fairness to the factions fighting.

    2:6 factions that beat other factions when either attacking another’s base or having their base attacked, will gain faction power. While those that loose will of course loose some of their power. This also provides a balance.

    2:7 factions and faction members outside of non pvp areas should be openly attackable.
    This is of course to keep open pvp and faction fighting /attacking as an available option. Because I'm sure many players would be very unhappy if the current ability to simply attack other players and factions is completely gone. I admit I would to. The chance to just jump out and attack another faction is tempting. Provided my faction has had plenty of time and chance to build up do a decent level and is then capable of holding a fight against another faction.

    3. Faction power.
    There are of course other ways to gain faction power besides fighting. But it should be noted that those who kill members of other factions gain some power of their own. And as usual, member power contributes to the faction’s power. But it may also be gained by

    3:1 achievements. Gaining certain achievements will provide a player with some power. Little by little. A certain few will even provide power multiple times. But not all. This is of course to prevent players from being able to attain infinite power though the infinite making of crafting benches XD.

    3:2 also, though online time and offline time and add and subtract from a players faction power (respectively of course. as usual) this would now only account for a portion of a factions power. So tho average member online time can certainly help or take away from a faction’s power; it will no longer be the main deciding factor in a faction’s power. It will still of course me more beneficial to remove a player who is never online than it would be to keep them on. Because

    3:3 certain bits of power will not be lost. For example, the little bits of power a player may gain from achievements that only give to your power once, will not be lost. But, that is why each achievement only gives a small amount of power.
    How does this make it more beneficial to remove in active members then you ask? Well, even if the power they gain from achievements cannot be lost, this will again not get them to a power level of 50 on a scale from 1 to 99. It would probably only get them to 5. And a player who is not on to contribute to a faction, and only give a power of 5 of 99 is really no use.

    3:4 and as for gaining from pvp, there are 2 ways pvp would add or take from a players power.
    Those ways are:

    3:4:1 kill count.
    Kill count is of course the number of other factioned players a player has killed. This is one of the parts of a player’s power that offline time can't decrease. But, to avoid a player simply killing 1k players of weak factions out in the field and then going offline forever, for people with alt accounts using this to make their faction stronger, the kill count and its power can be decreased. How? Be being killed! The number of times a player is killed subtracts from their kill count. So it will go up and down with kills and deaths.

    3:4:2 battle power
    Is what I call it. Every time the player kills a player of another faction, they gain some battle power. This is of course just normal power added to their total. But it is not only lost when they are killed by another player, but also by offline time.

    And that is what I think a factions world should have. Though of course I realize that this would, as any other factions world or server, require a factions mod/plugin. And all this would require the mod/plugins options, features, and customability make this possible. But if no such factions mod/plugin is available, one woulf have to made. And I realize this is a lot to ask. But I’d have to imagine that if such a thing were made it would probably make the greatest factions server ever!
  12. Tonoshi

    Staff Member

    @piggygirl1 Even though this thread is about a map two maps ago (maybe 3 maps), we always enjoy hearing people's thoughts and opinions in regards to the server.

    @4everLink That is a very well thought out post. Your idea would make for a better Factions enviroment

    Personally, I don't have much experience with plugins outside of what we have used here on Crafthub. I really enjoy the simplicity of Grief Prevention. It is very easy to learn and teach. I like residence, but it is a lot harder to teach people how to use it fully. I think Cities/Towns would be a lot simpler to manage if it could all be done with a Grief Prevention type plugin only.

    My thoughts (Probably scrambled):

    A plugin similar in design to Grief Prevention.
    • Simple selection of blocks.
    • Defined amount of blocks available.
    • Easy Permission list.
    I really enjoy GP method of selecting blocks. You click a spot on the ground, it visually shows you the spot picked. Then you go and click another spot, DONE. An outline of the area is made, your perms are set, and you can turn the border on/off. There are also the other tools to make subzones that show up with their own borders, perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about this selection method.

    I like the way Permissions are also handled in GP. Full Access, Partial Access, Minor Access, and No Access. I wouldn't change this much, maybe a few little tweaks in regards to managing a town. ( I realize I didn't follow my own list. You were warned that this would be scrambled. )

    The defined amount of blocks is a nice way to handle things. It creates structure. It helps control things. How would this work on a Town/City level, Tonoshi? Why thanks for asking. My ideas for this are as follows ( in no particular order):
    • A defined initial amount of blocks for a Town/City would cost 500 Econ for 40,000 blocks for the Town/City
    • Bonus Blocks based on the level of contributors from the players in the city.
    • Custom Town/City Achievements to earn more blocks.
    Three ideas is a good start. A question I hear quite often when people are interested in forming a town is "How big of an area do we get?" I usually answer with "Don't think too big in the beginning, you can always expand outward" I say from my personal experience with Osquip, Osquip 2, and Frostbite. Osquip was gigantic with tons of unused land surrounded by a beautiful wall. Osquip 2 was better planned, started small and grew. Frostbite followed the same way as Osquip 2.

    That little trip down memory lane leads me to defining the size of Towns/Cities from the beginning. My thoughts behind 500 Econ for 40,000 blocks is that we want Towns/Cities to be a minimum of 5 people. Each person begins with 100 Econ at the start of a map. Simple enough. 40,000 blocks is the equivalent of a 200 x 200 area. It doesn't sound like much, but it can go a long way. These are Town/City blocks. These wouldn't come out of your personal pool. When you create the Town/City, you're creating a Faction/Guild/Alliance.

    Towns/Cities are a nice way for new players to band together and get a nice large protection. Its only fair that players who contribute to the server upkeep get bonus blocks. We would have to work out some kind of balanced system, but for now lets say 2000 extra blocks per rank of contributor (example: 5 default users = 0 extra blocks compared to a Philanthropist + 4 Contributors = 12,000 extra blocks).

    I would also like to see Town/City Achievements that would grant extra blocks. Examples:
    • Population Level
    • Certain Structures Built inside the town ( Public Farm, Minecart Railway, Enchantment Room/Library, etc)
    • (reserved for more ideas)
    The only other idea I have at the moment is being able to wager extra Town/City blocks against another Town/City in a War/Race/Tournament of some sort. I don't have much for this idea yet, but it could be something to ponder about.
  13. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    thank you, though I believe there were some things I should have gone into. like the begginers int and adv stages. what are the pluses of advanceing besides and ego boost? slightly coverd by the "weak can't be attacked by near ops or expect to beat" thing. but there needs to be more to it I think. and yah these things I have suggested could be slightly tweaked if needed, and room is left for imagination and additions. but I am for the most part happy with what I've posted thus far. possibly more to come. so beware! >:p

    but not like I actually excpect this to come into reality. would be great and awesome if it did, but I know it's a lot to expect.

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