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"Hybrid Survival World" Comments and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Raemis, Sep 1, 2012.

"Hybrid Survival World" Comments and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Raemis, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is for the discussion of the Hybrid Survival world.
  2. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    The major thing I'm looking for from this world is a "self-serve" protection system, for both towns and individual homes. I would like this system to cost some sort of money, much like our current factions set up costs money to claim land.
  3. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    what would be really nice is if this could be done without a faction, but since I don't know if that's possible.....well IDK.

    I don't mind pvp as long as people don't conastantly have to watch over thier shoulders for the deamon man hunters. you know, the guys who live to killl. or atleast without the fear of getting killed every 10 minutes outside a protection.

    I love to build, I'm not some amazing archetect though. and I don't actually like creative as much as I like survival. survival can really help make the game fun. and of corse as this threads title suggest I'm sure it would be a survival world. and survival does include haveing to survive other people I'm sure.

    as long as I can build without constantly dieing or being blown up, well that's just about all I need really. a few fun plugins would be nice to. I could go looks for some just to help give some ideas. I'm afraid that I don't really know much if anything about the technical side of plugins however. nor do I really know much of a vary meny plugins. so I can't really help so much with the "how?" part of getting this world working.
  4. Hotclub

    Hotclub New Member

    like the 1.2.5 map? go for it!
  5. Raemis210

    Raemis210 Administrator Staff Member

    While I liked the 1.2.5 map, I personally would like the economy to be more prominent, as well as more important.

    I thing land should have a cost assosiated with it, either in the form of purchaseor upkeep.
  6. Hotclub

    Hotclub New Member

    chat with partychat and colours
  7. Noi

    Noi Active Member

    Well, my suggestion would be that two different worlds is a bad idea unless you're talking a survival one and a creative one. As it stands with these two threads I see, you're going to have worlds that are more similar in most ways than different. What should be happening is a looking at ways to meld these two ideas into one that works well for players that are looking for slightly different things. Multiverse may work for this if the factions/open PVP world is smaller and easily accessible from the "normal" survival world.

    I've suggested on here, in game, and on TS that there are ways to do this, but I've always felt like suggestions made by myself and others were not taken seriously because they didn't fit into the "vision". I digress though as I don't want to derail this thread from its intended purpose more than I may already have.

    I missed the community meeting so perhaps this was already discussed. As an aside, I fear my being absent is hurting my faction, so if any one talks to Craz or Swag, let them know to just remove me if it's a problem.

    Ok, so I just finished listening to the community meeting and it sounds like this was all basically settled on -- two worlds that will divide the community (or show that one world is just highly unpopular).
  8. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    I'm inclined to agree Noi, there is some much in common it's vexatious that there has to be a split.

    But the major sticking point is the protection of creations. The builders want their stuff to be safe, the rpgers want the risk of destruction.

    I've argued this before, it probably wouldn't matter to restate. But I suppose I can pose a question to the RPG crowd...is there anything that would make permanent landmarks acceptable (like absolutely no military use, no doors (at least lockable doors).

    But assuming some sort of mutually beneficial compromise cannot be reached, may I make a request?

    Since there will likely be less people on each world and hence less competition for land, could there possibly be an increase of size of residences?
  9. Noi

    Noi Active Member

    The solution, to me, would be to either allow Residence again or a reasonable number of chunks that can be claimed by donators in a "personal" faction. Obviously, Residence is probably a no-go anyways because of the overlap in land protections between it and Factions, so that leaves the latter part of the suggestion. If you can make those personal factions exist in a permanently peaceful state, then I don't see why that wouldn't work. I honestly don't know if that's even possible.

    I think the main problem is that Factions is geared towards a very specific purpose that may not allow for a more diverse set of experiences.

    The ideal concept, to me, would be a system that allows for a certain subset of a factions claims to be protected from takeover (except perhaps in certain circumstances), while other portions are open to the standard rules. If a faction has one claim, this claim is protected by default, but as a faction expands, it becomes more vulnerable. I like to visualize it in the way that the lands outside of castle (e.g. the village, outposts, etc.) are more susceptible to attack, while the portions inside the castle walls are far less.

    But now I've gone off the rails into concepts instead of reality.
  10. I too would like to keep it in one world, but have it split into two differnt things. I know this would cause conflict in ways. Im sure I heard somone say its impossible for single player factions and you wanna keep everything automated as in players claim what they want without having to get mods to do it. Which is why i feel that a player must file a application on the forums to obtain a res perms for a max of 32x32? and if such person has a res perm they can not partake in any faction playing such as joining a faction or claiming land. but again that will probably conflict since probably most of the ppl would just sign up for res's. The further i think of this and talk about it the more i see everyones point about it not working in a single world. I guess all in all would be to allow single people to make a faction and keep it in peaceful where they can not ever go to war or claim others lands and also only allow so many chunks to be claimed like 32x32 or more depending on if the faction has more than 1 person or a faction cant be only 1 person. idk if being in a peaceful faction means you cant get pvp'd, but if they cant i can see the conflict again right there. :( hmmm idk than. frankly i still want it to stay in a one world. just for the players arent so seperated. Ialso agree with raemis in which it should still cost coins to make such peaceful/res/perm land. dont wanna make it too easy :D
  11. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    I think it would be a good thing for players to be able to get away from cirtain other players they don't like. don't like a bunch of people in the other world? stay out of that world. but then again, those people could probably always just come over to the world your in and get you anyways :/ .
  12. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    Well, it's assumable that the second world residences will keep the no pvp flags.

    Perhaps would it be possible for claimed builders to claim chunks of land that are conquerable by others but not editable by others? That way the builders landmarks could be safe from destruction but become part of the landscape for the fighters to fight over (even if it's not finished). Just a crazy thought.
  13. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    that actually does sound like an alright enough idea, but I'd like to actually be able to finish my builds. also what about towns and such then? if I were to be building a nice big town for people to live in and suddently one morning I come on and the town is claimed by someone else, how is anyone supposed to live there now? (other than the potential possibility that this person who took over once to have and run the town as thier own)
  14. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    The editing rights are tied to the person who initially set them, so conquering them won't change it. However, there is a concern that the conquerers might be jerks about it so it is a risk (unless the mods are willing to suffer no pvp in the no editable zones for the builder) that conquering might still interrupt a construction. (but one could just close off your spot with a wall a few blocks from the border to keep the jerks out.

    It woudl be ideal IMHO is the builders could be invulnerable BUT BUT BUT
    1. They cannot participate in the economy (buy/sell/give whatever).
    2. They have to commit to being builders for at least a month at a time, so it isn't a convienent escape.
    3. Can't attack.

    But that is probably beyond the plugin's capabilities and it quite frankly crazy talk.

    But perhaps one good idea from the crazy, builders have to declare themselves as such and commit to that status for a set amount of time. Also perhaps being a builder can give them more claiming ability than normal(perhaps even more with higher donation status) for edit rights.
  15. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    well I know I'd be absolutly fine with claiming myself a builder and staying that way. I actually have no intrest in attacking others at all unless they seriously p me off. there was that one time though when I was standing by the sky city portal though and was useing crazylegoman for target practice >:D .

    but yah, I'd like to be able to buy things if and when I need, but I could stand those limitations.
  16. Hotclub

    Hotclub New Member

    some builders need lots more than 32x32.
    Donators should be able to purchase more protected area in residence for an amount of money.
    When someone wants to make a town... a request can be asked on forums.

    about the economy...
    Create at spawn a shop where players can sell and buy there items.
    So builders can buy materials instead of gathering but they also will need money to purchase land. seek the balance.
    make /spawn enabled but make spawn protected (inabout a +/-150block radius) BEFORE anyone builds something already.

    A spawn city is not required. Just a cozzy building with a rulesboard and other important shit.
  17. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    Curiosity, can residences and mcmmo conquering technically work together, with residences having edit precedence?
  18. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    There can't be a shop run by the server to buy and sell items. Especially not on the current map as mcmmo makes nearly everything worthless at high enough levels. Emeralds were the only reasonable item for the economy, and even that required cutting off the ability to trade with npcs.

    Even on a map not running mcmmo, there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration regarding what items are worth, and what items can be sold at all, as it is easy to abuse those systems. I helped break one of the early ones we tried. It wasn't pretty, and I wound up as one of the richest players on the server in about 10 minutes max.

    The problem is, while you may like the idea of building a monument that no one can break Pegasus, other players aren't going to see the point in conquering it if they don't have the option to tear it down. In addition, it goes against the idea of the current setup entirely. The concept when it was set up is completely open warfare. You can conquer someone and take -everything-. Everything you want sounds like it fits into the old style of gameplay we had, which is what this is meant to move back towards. Not necessarily exactly the same, but within the same scope at the very least.

    That was the reason people voted on 2 worlds. One that allows for some level of permanence for your creations, the other focusing on warfare where creations are secondary. Building can take place on both, but it takes a backseat to pvp on the one world, and vice versa on the other.

    The flaw I see in thinking that it will only split the community is that you're thinking in terms of only the players we have now, as opposed to the players it would hopefully attract.

    Overall, the current world has met with a plethora of complaints regarding how it works. It's fun, but not when you want to build something permanent that has no danger of being destroyed, and it's also hard to start off.

    My opinion: Have a Worldhub like we used to, that you begin in, and have it explain both worlds, so that when a player joins, they know what they're joining. In addition, you can switch back from world to world, but with some form of delay if that's possible, and it keeps track of where you were when you left, so that when you return, to either world, you return at the exact spot you left from. I'm not positive that this is possible, but it's what I think would work. The one world is more of a permanent world full of towns and creations, the other is a war/pvp world with regular frequent battling being the whole point.
  19. PegasusJF

    PegasusJF New Member

    They might just ignore it entirely, they might build around it (if the current res limits are kept, 64x64 is not that hard to work around, and that would require all 4 res). To be honest we would have to test that out to know for sure.

    But, the world hub is a decent idea, it's worked before. Perhaps we could put the other worlds back up too?
  20. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    a way to atleast go back an explore the old maps withough haveing to download them all and play them in single player would be nice.

    what would be really cool though, is if you could create a realm of time! :D and by that what I mean is of corse not something totally rediculouse like makeing up ur own mod for some time warped realm or something. but rather use world edit to copy cirtain things from the old maps and place them in a new map. take epic and or cirtain other builds and place them in a map with a world border. this world would make and exstreamly interesting (undestroyable) battle field for one thing. or it would just be a really cool and fun place to run around and explore/ play in.

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