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A New Benefit for Philanthropists

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jan 18, 2014.

A New Benefit for Philanthropists

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    We try to review our contribution ranks on occasion to be happy with what we're offering to those of you who help keep the server alive with donations to it's monthly costs. This idea has been tossed around more than a few times as an addition to the Philanthropist rank, but never set in stone. I warn you, it's wordy, but we tried to cover everything to be clear on the specifics. If it's confusing, feel free to ask a member of staff to explain it, but I'll try and break it down.

    On occasion, Mojang makes content changes that are large enough that we have to consider restarting the map. This has happened at least 8 times during my time with CraftHub. We have, up until this point, not copied over player content from one map to another because there was no fair way to decide what was 'good' and what was not, and there is a considerable amount of work involved in that process even if we could. We have decided that the Philanthropist rank will be given the option to move over a limited amount of content in the event that we ever have to reset the map again as a benefit for contributing monthly to our server costs.

    Starting on February 1st, the first 1-3 months as a Philanthropist allows transfer of 4 chunks worth of content. This is a 32x32 area. Cleanup of edges will be the responsibility of the player, but we will transport them to the new location of the content –or– they may find and request a location on the map to put it in, within a reasonable time frame. We will, within reason, help place it as best as possible, but once it is placed it is permanently there until there is another map change.

    Philanthropists will be granted first access to the map for a reasonable time frame before Contributors, Regulars and Default rank.

    Further months of contribution at the Philanthropist rank will accrue more area eligible to be moved at the rate of 4 chunks per month, for a total of 48 chunks a year after the initial 3 month starter period. In the first year, a Philanthropist would accrue a total of 40 chunks.

    A gap in Philanthropist ranking will result in a removal of this benefit after a period of one month after loss of the rank. A player will not be eligible for this benefit if they are not currently a Philanthropist, even within the span of the aforementioned month. Re-application of the Philanthropist rank within that month will allow a player access to the benefit and will not result in the loss of previously awarded chunks. One month after the loss of the Philanthropist rank will result in this benefit resetting.

    Except for the initial 4 chunks within the first 3 months, additional chunks will be awarded at the end of each successive month starting at the end of the 4th initial month. The contents of chests are not included. Players are expected to be patient with staff in the application of this benefit. Moving content, especially on the possible scale this could result in, is extra work for CraftHub staff. We would like to remind you that CraftHub is staffed by volunteers, and that this is our way of thanking you for helping us to continue providing a server to play on.

  2. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    cool. I would say tho, that loosing a 48 chunck benefit from over a year of contributions for not contributing for a single month does seem a bit unfair. I would say that the longer a player has maintained contributer status, the more time they should have to renew after that status is first lost. within reason. just because someone is a philanthropist for 2 years doesn't mean they should get 6 months of not contributing to keep the benefits if they renew. I'd say tho, that after someone has been a philanthropist for say 10 months, and if they then loose their status for not contributing for a month, instead of loosing their benefit after that month they would have until the end of the next month to renew.

    especially because you never know. so times life throws fast balls, hard balls (hay! no laughing now!), or even totally unexpected stuff way outta left field. they may have contributed every month for say 7months or even 2 years, but maybe something comes around and they find themselves without much extra cash or even on hard times for alittle while. and then on top of that loosing the benefits from a 10 month or more time of contributing because of it, that would really really suck. it'd be like a bit of a sucker punch or kick in the shin with alittle blue guys yelling "rip off artist!" and then you're think the same about the whole benefit situation.
  3. oGAUGEo

    oGAUGEo New Member

    I say that, for each month they don't contribute, they lose 4 chunks. So if they acquired 5 months worth of chunks, they will lose 5 months of chunks if they don't donate in 5 months. For each month of not donating will deplete the amount you've gained.

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