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CraftHub Community

The perm server is back up, as most of you know. If you notice any bugs, please post them here and we will address them as soon as possible.

Hi and welcome back.
Firstly we are extremely sorry for the long down time and roll back, how ever this shuld not have happened and we let you guys down.

What happened was that our host moved servers whit out our knowledge ,thats fine that an ip change is not bad, and managed to mess-up our account not only that but our files and database, so we had to resort to this old backup from before new year.

Thanks to google cache we managed to save some stuff but not much. So you will se pictures missing in posts and of course whole posts missing. Our donation tracking here on the forums is also rolled back. but we still have you on record trough emails and paypal.
We are now on 1.4.5 so you can updated and join again.
Sorry for the long wait. we had to wait for a few plugins to update properly.
We're having some server difficulty, we'll have the server up as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
In an effort to improve the CraftHub experience, two new features are now available on our server:
  • A creative world for donators and above with 128x128 plots. Portal at Spawn.
  • Players will now drop a copy of their head when you kill them!