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CraftHub Community

We've implemented some new and re-implemented some old features on the server today.

  • Name colors above your head now match your rank color
  • Chest shops are back, but with a different plugin (see here) (Buying not currently enabled)
  • Villager trading has been disabled
  • ChestMail has returned for all your item mailing needs
  • Feather is now the inspect tool for Grief Prevention (was String)
Greetings Hubworlders,

Mechanicaljack here, bringing you updated news and information. Crafthub will be finished with it's update to 1.6, -hopefully- within the coming week. Things are stable enough that Supporters, Philanthropists and VIP rank players are whitelisted onto the main world as of now. We want to give those of you who've helped support us most an early start as a show of thanks. That said, we expect you guys to play nice and follow the rules the same as always. Grief Prevention is the only player accessible mod currently active, and the extended size protections will be reinstated within the next day or two. We'll be adding the other mods in as they go active. Pardon the lack of coloured names until we have a working version of Herochat back in place.

As I've said, some of you are whitelisted, and the IP for that world is public.crafthub.net:25568 for now. It will be the default public.crafthub.net when it's opened for contributors and the general public.

Hello Hubworlders, mechanicaljack here.

Within recent months, the ban request forums have seen less use. I bring this up because we still get regular reports of rules infractions. This is an issue because just telling us is great, but we cannot ban someone on a players word. If we do not witness the rules being broken, cannot prove it through plugins and/or do not have pictures or video proof, there is nothing to be done.

The ban request forums are private, in that the only people who can see that your ban request even exists are you, and staff members. Staff members will never tell a player that you have placed a request for their ban. We may approach that player if there are questions about the situation that we feel can benefit from more information, but we will not reveal your name or that there is a ban request in existence.

Staff has a lot of oversight into what goes on on the server, but we aren't omnipresent (the ability to be everywhere at once) or omniscient (the...
Hey guys, bringing you an update on server stuff. In 2 weeks we are going to cease general player access to the Residence plugin and switch to Grief Prevention. Grief Prevention works a little bit like Residence, but it's more intuitive and gives you more options. We recently tested it on the temp world and everyone who used it seemed to enjoy it. We've also asked other server operators about their experience with it, and the feedback was glowingly positive. I understand apprehension to change, but I think this will be a great change. That said, these are going to be the protection size per rank:​
  • 256 blocks Default
  • 1024 blocks Regular
  • 4096 blocks Contributor
  • 6400 blocks Supporter
  • 8000 blocks Philanthropist
  • 10240 blocks VIP
What do those numbers mean? Those...​
LWC broke today. This has happened in the past. It's been a blessedly long time since we've had this issue, but unfortunately it's happened again. We apologize for the inconvenience. During the update of plugins, something ceased functioning.

As we've said before, the plugins are coded by other individuals who are usually not connected to Crafthub, and we cannot guarantee they will always work perfectly.

Best advice, reprotect your chest ASAP, and if you have a secure residence, you may already be fine.

Take care,