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  2. Get our resource pack.
    You will need McPatcher to get the most out of it , if you don't know how follow the tutorial here.

CraftHub Community

Brought the server down for maintenance earlier today, and also brought in some new features.

  • Players can now right click on a painting, and scroll their mouse wheel to select which painting is displayed.
  • A new hub is going up to better manage all of our worlds, it will replace the current spawn.
  • Players now have limited access to Core Protect. We'll be posting a tutorial soon on how to use /co i
The reason we are giving players access to the Core Protect command is twofold. It makes players accountable for their actions towards others, such as griefing. Additionally, it will cut down on false accusations, as you will be able to tell exactly who did what.
Also, don't forget about our custom texture pack: http://forum.crafthub.net/posts/16680/

Core Protect tutorial : http://tinyurl.com/kaycl6z
We've been working the past few weeks on a pretty major feature update for Crafthub. With the help of a new plugin, and a custom texture pack, we are unveiling new items available for crafting! The new recipes will be available on the Crafthub wiki shortly.

To begin with we have added three new types of weapons: spears, maces, and battleaxes. Their recipes are available on the wiki, as stated above. Each type of weapon has new statistics available to it as well. If you install MCPatcher, you can use our own custom resource pack, available here.

The resource pack requires MCPathcer


If you need help with MCPatcher, first follow this tutorial. If that doesn't work, ask a member of staff for help.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I'm writing about something gravely important. We're instituting what is technically an existing rule, but one that is not clearly as defined as it apparently needs to be. We've left it to common sense and general ethics up to this point, but we clearly need to spell it out as it keeps rearing it's ugly head.

Crafthub, as a server, is supported by the community. That's you guys. If we don't have a community, we don't have a server. To be accurate, we have a server until Noobidoo, me and any other generous staff member can no longer afford to pay for the server costs. Crafthub is a volunteer group. When people decide to sponsor us and contribute money to our server costs, that's where their money goes. It is used to pay server rent directly, saved for a month where we don't get enough support, used for a contest for you guys, pay for advertising to attract new players, etc. None of it goes to us.

So again, when something has a negative impact on...
One of Crafthub's esteemed writers, Justles, is re-joining the Crafthub staff, as our newest submod. He will be joining AtomicReload on a grand quest to assist the members of the Crafthub community.
As the title implies, the forum will be down for maintenance this coming Tuesday. It should be back up later the same day.