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  2. Get our resource pack.
    You will need McPatcher to get the most out of it , if you don't know how follow the tutorial here.

CraftHub Community

CraftHub has been working on a private modpack for a while. Some of you have played on our test version when we were balancing out the mods.

Great news! It's done!

If you want to join the CraftHub modpack we have an application here. Copy that, fill it out and post it on the modpack application forum thread!

After you're approved, we'll tell you how you can hop on the modpack!

Note: The Modpack server is different than the normal server in that there are no protections. General rules apply, but we will be stricter about who is and isn't allowed to play, and may remove players with little warning to preserve the environment.
Greetings Hubworlders,

Here's a brief update on what we've been doing behind the scenes:

mcmmo is still in the works. There have been some delays, but it's not forgotten and has been discussed during the staff meetings. We will probably conduct another round of tests after adjustments are made to be sure it's ready to launch on the server.

We've also activated a chat filter. For a long time we've tried letting you police your own language, but we've recently decided to use a filter for more than a few reasons. The biggest are that there's been a big problem with people watching their language lately, and that we want people to feel comfortable if they want to stream from our server.

This does not mean you should just start cursing wildly. It also means that if you attempt to get around the filter, we know you're trying. You will more than likely be immediately muted or banned. Tread lightly and with care. If we've missed any words, feel free to message or mail one of...
Lately, a large number of our players have been experiencing a crippling bug which disconnects nearly all of the players on the server simultaneously. We've performed some research into the issue, and we believe we have found a solution that we put into place last night. Since then there have been no reported instances of the issue.

If you are still experiencing the issue (a disconnect related to 'netty') please let us know and we see if there's any further action we can take. If there are any other issues, feel free to leave a comment or post a thread and we can try to help.
We're experiencing some connection issues with the game servers, and TeamSpeak at the moment. We're working to resolve this issue now. Thank you for your patience.
There was a sincerely large lapse in our language rule that I've corrected. It was known through word of mouth to some, but I've put it down in text. It pretty much adds up to 'Keep the discussion appropriate. No cursing, drugs, sex, politics or religion.' Religion and politics are included more to avoid unnecessary heated arguments, as those topics generally devolve in that direction.

Because this wasn't stated explicitly, I understand some adjustment will take time, but we expect that adjustment to begin within a reasonable time frame.