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CraftHub Community

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lantlemen, Apologies for the downtime, and the delay in a response. I've only been at my computer sporadically, and when I was, the little time I had was devoted to getting whatever information I could about why we were down in the first place. We're up now.

There were issues with the server itself, but they're fixed now.
Ladies and Gentlemen:

We will not be going forward with the plan discussed at the meeting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we're likely limited to one world. Given the overall demand we're seeing here on the forums, we're going with the hybrid survival style of old.

In addition, we're going back to Residence. We're setting things up on a test world to get glitches out, but prepare to set up your residences sometime in the near future.
Today we shall be having a community meeting on our teamspeak at ts.onwt.net
Feel free to make a appearance and participate, we would like to hear your feedback about recent changes to the community and any suggestions you have to improve our servers.

1:30am GMT 4:30pm PST 5:30pm MST 7:30pm EST
Greetings Crafthubbers and other forum goers. Those of you on the server may have noticed things aren't quite normal. Minecraft 1.3 hit and we put up a temporary server. Those of you who are Crafthub veterans should know the general drill. All the rules found at http://www.crafthub.net/server apply, and if you wind up banned now, you stay banned when we get the permanent server up.

To answer the question of the day: "When will the permanent map be here?", the answer is simple: When Bukkit and the plugins we require for stability are updated, released and stable enough. It really is out of our hands at the moment. Check here for updates.