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    You will need McPatcher to get the most out of it , if you don't know how follow the tutorial here.

CraftHub Community

With the release of 1.4, we've set up a temporary map in place of our usual server. The normal world you all know and love is safe and sound. It can be reached at public.crafthub.net:25566. Reaching it requires running an outdated client, however. Once Bukkit is updated, and our crucial plugins, we will move the full map back to it's usual place.
Wow! What an adrenaline pumping birthday event. The results are as follows :
  1. Swagaraga
  2. GenMcMuffin
  3. Doctor_Enderman
Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the event.
Saturday, the 13th of October, is Crafthub's birthday, and to celebrate we'll be hosting an in game event on our server at public.crafthub.net and everyone's invited! Feel free to join us on TeamSpeak at ts.crafthub.net. We'll be starting around 7PM EST. It's sure to be a ton of fun and we'll have some in game prizes given out at the event. See you there!

RSVP here: http://onwt.net/threads/oct-13-2012-crafthubs-birthday-public-crafthub-net.284/
On October the 1st we will have some scheduled downtime for moving server.
This might take some time, we will have a TeamSpeak server up (ts.onwt.net) so if you have any questions during that time it is the best place to get a hold of us, hopefully it will only last a few hours.

We would like to thank Global7Hosting for everything they have done for us, they have met our every need, we could not have asked for a better host. We wish them the best of luck in there future endeavours and hope we cross paths again.
Once a gain thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We thank you for your patience, and we will se you on the other side.
Later tonight or tomorrow, we will be switching over to Residence and taking out Factions. We will also be implementing SimpleClans, a party/clan plugin.

In addition, mcmmo will be temporarily disabled so we can get it better balanced, but (barring unforeseen circumstances) it will return. Once this change is made, mcmmo will be the focus of my attention in order to get things done as swiftly as possible.

As of now, the vote is in favor of keeping the current world through these changes. I will end the poll sometime between midnight tonight and tomorrow, so if you haven't voted yet and want a voice in this matter, go vote now please.

Spawn will be heavily regenerated in the coming days/week/however long it takes to fix all the damage. I recommend you not build near spawn during this time period. If I can't see your construction or your construction looks destroyed and abandoned, it will be regenerated.

This is the scope of the current plan, though there may be some other...